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World Map
  • Ohio Energy Storage Project

    Ohio, USA | 4 MW (8 MW Range) Read More >>
  • Montana-Alberta Tie Line (MATL)

    214 Miles | 230 kV | 300 MW Capacity Read More >>
  • Rutley Solar

    RES Canada built Ontario's first large scale FIT solar project | 10 MW Read More >>
  • Lower Snake River Wind Farm

    Washington, USA | 343 MW
  • Webberville Solar

    RES Americas constructed the largest solar PV facility in Texas | 30 MW Read More >>
  • Greenwich Wind Farm

    Ontario, Canada | 99 MW
  • Cedar Point Wind Farm

    Colorado, USA | 250 MW
    Read more >>
  • Crossroads Wind Farm

    Oklahoma, USA | 227.5 MW

RES Americas - wind farm development, construction
RES Americas - solar energy projects developer, construction RES Americas - Careers in wind energy, jobs in solar power
The twin challenges of climate change and energy security are now undeniable. Making greater use of wind and solar power represents our best strategy for meeting the climate change challenge, while also helping to secure the availability and security of future energy supplies.
At RES Americas, RES Canada, and RES Chile, our talented professionals have the skills and innovative mindset to creatively solve your renewable energy challenges. Visit the What We Do section to learn about the services our technology, development, engineering and construction teams can provide in wind, solar, transmission, and energy storage.
RES Americas has been involved in the development, engineering, construction, ownership, and/or operation of renewable energy and energy storage projects since 1997. In that time we've built more than 8,000 MW of renewable energy projects, representing nearly 10% of the operating wind farms in the U.S.